Kathleen Nutter

Quail Egg Wreath

Sooooo….my wonderful husband decided to hatch and raise quail. No biggie….right. Well, turns out he ordered fertile quail eggs and put them in an incubator. He had no idea like 99% would hatch on his first run. We had quail everywhere in the garage. Literally, he was in the dog house. Did I mention the boy quail crow?

Between 4 and 5 weeks, the girls started laying—in scores. One can only eat so many mini-eggs before they question their sanity. So….I blew it. Yup, blew eggs clean and made them a wreath. They truly are beautiful eggs with dots and marks as original as a fingerprint.

Enjoy this egg wreath idea and know, if your husband jumps off the avian deep end, you too can have a gorgeous egg wreath. Oh, and an omelette.

Quail Egg Wreath

Happy Egg Blowing ❤


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