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Kale Chips

Ahh, kale chips.  One of those things someone tells you about at work and you go running into Safeway after work to gather the supplies.  Okay, maybe not most people, but I did, since I am a nutter/Nutter. 

First things first, I surfed All Recipes for my trial recipe, where I found one called: Baked Kale Chips by Lucy DelRey 

When I look for recipes, I am a total snob.  I only like ones with near perfect stars.  This one fit the bill. More importantly, I loved that it has three ingredients: kale, olive oil and salt. FABULOUS.

Having read several reviews, I learned to choose kale leaves that were very curly.  Being a farm girl….NOT, I didn’t know there was any other kind of kale, so I chose correctly. There were bags of pre-chopped stuff but it looked gross, so I would have opted out of kale chip making completely, if it weren’t for the pretty gems featured below *cue hallelujah chorus*

Bunch of kale.

Since I have a huge fear of finding suprise worms and never-before-seen beetles with pinchers, I soaked the crap out of the leaves.  There are many little niches, so be sure to open up any hidey-holes.  Kids don’t “do” bugs…if you ever want them to eat veggies again.  For that matter, NEITHER DO I. I would become a steadfast meat-a-terian in a hot second over bugs…..or exclusive carnivore….whatever. I am happy to report that I was completely paranoid and the leaves were bug-free. Shewwwww.

I removed the big, nasty stalk and made more chip-sized kale pieces.  The recipe from All Recipes suggested spinning the excess water off of the leaves. That is a great plan if you aren’t a big lazy bones, like me–I shook them like a Polaroid picture. 

The recipe suggested that you could mist the leaves with olive oil.  I don’t own a mister because they are clogging hunks of junk, so instead I placed them in a plastic bag added some oil and salt and shook them to coat evenly. Too much oil is a no-no. I also dusted them with white pepper and placed them on parchment paper.

Cut up pieces.

Cook them on 350 for 8 to 12 minutes. I personally cooked them for around 6 minutes, then opened the oven and flipped them. If you go too long they burn and turn to dust.  If you don’t cook them long enough they are soggy and disappointing. (NO PRESSURE, or anything).  Just stay nearby with a watchful eye, pray to the kale gods, and you will be fine.

After some experimentation, here they are:

kale 2 kale 1

The kids and husband thought they were neat and tasty with the 12-year old stating, “it’s hard to believe big leaves can melt down to not taste like leaves”.  They ate the whole batch. It was good.  They were salty, crisp with a nutty crunch.

Hopefully, you can try out the recipe and let  me know of any alterations that worked for you!


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2 thoughts on “Kale Chips

  1. Love these. Try with Old Bay if you like an exra kick!

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