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Young adult fantasy author: Light Changers series. This goal of this blog is embrace my love of writing, cooking and painting.

Ninjabread Cookies

My 14-year old daughter and I ran into a cookie making kit purchased from Five Below at the premium $5 price. It was love at first sight….after all, who could resist the allure of making gingerbread cookies for the holiday?  We laughed, we cried–we mostly laughed.

Gone are the days of the lame so-called “man” cookies  running “as fast as they can” from…God knows what… like little girls in skirts.  Heck no, these little gems are dough-punching, fighting machines…with little candy buttons.  Think Jackie Chan meets Carlos Bake Shop. Real cookies are not afraid to wear buttons.


My daughter painstakingly rolled the dough from the kit and scraped the molasses warriors off of their birthing, I mean, baking sheet. Then, she whipped up the miniature icing kit to begin piping the detail work. She did complain about the chintzy amount of icing in the kit.  She is a bit of an icing-eating addict, so normally I would think she ate the rest when I left the room.  This time, however, I watched her whip it up and, yup, chintzy. Check out the mug on this one:

I wouldn't want to be the glass of milk t o meet up with that one in a dark alley.

Yikes, I’d hate to be the glass of milk to meet up with that one in a dark alley.

The stage was set; buttons were added, icing was placed.  Some “cookies” had uni-brows and crazy grins…some wore blank stares as serious as a heart attack.

Fear the ninja with the crazy-big grin.

Ninja 101: fear the ninja with the crazy-big grin.

Make them again and again.

Make them again and again.

I won’t lie to you, the cookies taste like cardboard, but remember they are not about taste; they are about toughness. More importantly, the last cookie standing is:



Happy kick-ass cookie making ❤



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2 thoughts on “Ninjabread Cookies

  1. Love it! This medium is PERFECT for you!!!

  2. Haha, loved this. so cute!

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